Monday, February 9, 2009

Hot Man #2

Dear Diary,

I have a problem. I know that I've always had an affinity for nice things, pretty things, but everyone does right? Well, that's translated into my love life. I like pretty men .. hot men. I know, I know .. it's a serious issue. I've often been told, "LHB, maybe if you go for a more 'average' guy, then you won't get screwed over all the time .. maybe they won't end up being a (i'll be nice right here)jerk." And diary, that might be true, but what's the fun in being in lust or love if you don't enjoy what you're looking at too?? I mean, it's just an added bonus, right?

Although HM2 (hot man #2) may have ruined that theory for me, because I swear if I ever had to actually date him (i.e. hold a conversation, listen to him, be in the same room as him, touch him .. ugh), I think I'd rather get stung by a bee and I HATE bees.

But there he was, leaning on his crutches across the bar (yes, he was on crutches). He had a perfect jaw line, atheletic build, manly scruff, dressed well, bright eyes .. oh the works. And eventually (finally!) he started making eyes .. and after FOREVER, he crutched over. I think I melted on the spot.

Then he opened up his mouth and for the next two hours it did not shut. I can tell you how he broke his leg, the name of his high school, his weight in high school, college and now, where his parents live, his address now, how many ex gf's he has, what type of job he's looking for, how much he makes, where he's been scuba diving, that he's color blind and on and on and on. Oh, and he played football at UT - ha, we definitely weren't going to work out (I'm a USC fan) .. like I didn't know that after he talked about himself for over an hour.

"You know so much about me and I know so little about you .."

"Well, I graduated in ..."

"Oh, so I graduated in 1999 and walked onto the UT fb team and" (bla bla bla)

There's a reason why you're 32 and crutching around alone. On the contrary, he's SO nice to look at. That jaw line .. that body ..

The rest of the evening was pretty pointless. He proceeded to tell me he wanted to take me out (cause he knew me so well!). Little did he know that first dates are about getting to know each other and well, he already spilled his beans, so I opted for a "no fly zone". Although he's soooo cute. But then again, he's already shown me that he also has jealousy issues after I run into an old guy friend and we chat longer than just "hey, how are you?". Man, you can learn alot about someone in 2 hours.

So Diary, I think I've learned my lesson. Just because someone is nice to look at and makes me feel all giggly inside, doesn't mean that they're worth my time or I should date them. I mean, why the heck would I want to spend my precious time figuring out how to get a word in or better yet, what brand of toothbrush he prefers? I think I'll try to go for some good 'ole personality ..

But oh look! There's HM3!!

Whoopsies :)