Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why God, Why?

Yes, here I am. I have finally given in to the phenomenon known as 'blogging'. A lot of you might ask the familiar question, "why?" And luckily for you all my answer is simple. I want to talk about ... myself.


It's soooooo much more complex than that. I believe it was when I hit puberty that my life went in to full rollercoaster mode and has yet to stop. It's been loop after loop, flip after flip, scary plunges into nothingness and a few corkscrews here and there that have made my stomach turn inside out and jaw drop to the floor. My life is a mess. And oddly enough, I wouldn't have it any other way.

So, what's my point?

Well, we all have a lot of gut wrenching experiences in life and somehow manage to think we're alone; that we're the only people that have ever felt what we're feeling, done what we're doing and have had things happen to us that we'd really like to bury deep in our inner closets and forget ever happened. But H-E-L-L-O ... reality check, we are not alone. There are 6.7 billion people out there and I guarantee that someone else has already done and felt it all before. I'm not saying that person is me (for all I know you could have a body buried in the backyard -- that's waaaay messier than me), but I'm definitely not afraid to honestly share with you all what I have experienced (in moderation .. I need to leave some things for my book :) )

I can only hope that you all will enjoy reading blips about life for a girl from the West coast (California, wha wha!) stuck in Texas. And I promise I won't bore you to death with day-to-day details or pour my feelings out in this blog, but rather provide content about my life and the others around me that you all can relate to and perhaps get a chuckle out of. So stop asking "why?" and just read.



  1. Wait, so this isn't going to be a daily log?! You're actually going to use your writing skills and dazzle us all?? Pshha..I'd rather hear about what you ate for breakfast than interesting and intriguing blips about your life. Say H-E-L-LO to your first follower ;-)

  2. Oh I love you Lauren. Slash are you coming home for Christmas??? Please say yes. We need to catch up! Miss youuuuuu.

  3. yeah you listed Kickball as one of your interest!! Holla at your MKBC