Saturday, January 31, 2009

Most Likely To ..

One of the things that everyone looked forward to in 8th grade and senior year of high school was the yearbook. The yearbook that finally contained your classes "bests, mosts & most likely to's". The voting, the anticipation .. the drama.

My 8th grade year, we had a situation where a girl on the yearbook staff voted herself in to a position that she obviously did not deserve. It was funny that names were erased from the ballot and hers was written in. She threw such a hissy fit that the advisors cut down the categories to 10 and had us all re-vote. Way to ruin it for everyone. My two categories were thrown to the wind and I was allowed to take a "picture with friends". Somehow she convinced the advisors to allow her to share the "title" with the rightful "winner". It's odd how the advisors got nice christmas presents of tickets to the concerts that they wanted to go to .. compliments of "hissy fit" girl's radio mom.

I swore that senior year of highschool would be better. Except when it came time to do it, the rules changed on me. It was no longer up to the class .. the senior board had full and utter control of what categories were made and who was chosen. It was also no longer featured in the yearbook! The best part of our senior yearbook .. cut out. Instead they were going to present them at the senior breakfast.

As I settled into my seat at the breakfast, I tried to imagine what I could possible get: "Most likely to beat you in a debate .. Best sense of humor (ha) .. Most friendly ..", something that I could tell my children, "look what mommy was in high school!"
Soon the 'ceremony' started. Most likely to succeed (boring) .. Best smile (really? I thought her mouth was just big) .. Most likely to open a tanning salon (ha! so that's what they really think of you) .. Most outgoing (oh .. I thought I might have had a shot at that) .. Most likely to clear a room with a sneeze ........ LHB

Excuse me, what?

Most likely to clear a room with a sneeze?? That's what I'll be remembered for?? I don't think I even sneezed the entire time I went to school .. oh wait, wait a minute .. yaaaaa. There was that one time in AP english, ok maybe two times and then Physics, yah I had a few there. But they weren't that loud! Oh oh ohhh it's coming back to me. The teachers had to actually pause their lessons. Whoopsie.

So I guess it does all come full circle and bite us in the ass at some point. I got what I deserved. Since then, I've tried my best to control my sneezing and huffing and puffing to little "aa-choo's" instead of "aaaaa aaaaa AHHHHHH-CHOOOOOOO". Hey, some of us just take a little more time to learn things.

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